Monday, April 18, 2005

I See London. I See France.

Hello St_______, I thought I saw you at the pool last night.

Hello St_______, I cannot remember when I first saw you but I do remember the next few times that I did. I thought you were my high school classmate so I smiled at you. You just passed by as if I was smiling at someone behind you. I was puzzled; I shrugged my shoulders and went on my way.

Hello St_______, I remember the first time you smiled at me. I remember being attracted to you, although it was no more than physical attraction. As I did before, I shrugged my shoulders. Lust has a way of fading out if you ignore it for long. Sure, you were in my fantasies sometimes but I would never cross the stupid line. Our relationship was nothing but professional.

Hello St_______. Why do you keep looking at me? Why do you keep smiling uneasily at me? Is it because you are worried I might be offended by the joke someone cracked? Or is it because you are just friendly with everyone else? Is it because I did not know what was so funny? Or is it because I was the one who was hilarious?

Hello St_______. I soon fell to thinking about you. No longer do I have you in my fantasies; you have earned my respect that I can no longer bring myself to think of you that way. I am convinced I am still physically attracted to you but I doubt that there is nothing more. I am quite sure it is not love just as I am sure it is not lust. I am confused.

Hello St_______, I thought I saw you at the pool last night. I have gone on vacation, if only to distance myself from the overwhelming stimuli I find online. You still wore those glasses; you still wore that smile. Your warm and friendly aura remained contagious. I cannot help but gape as you stripped down to your swimwear. I cannot help flushing as I became conscious of myself. I cannot help sinking into the water so that you will not see me staring so hungrily. I felt horny but there is something else.

"Hello St_______," I said, warily. You turned to me with a puzzled face. I had to profusely apologize for my mistake. It was quite embarrassing having to tell others you have mistaken them for someone else: someone you have often thought of, lately.

Hello Stranger. It was with relief and a bit of frustration that I realized it was not you after all.

There is no need to hurry
when you defy the hours.
I cannot tell the future
when today is not ours.

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