Friday, July 01, 2005


In a land of grieving past
where torment does forever last,
there a young one's destiny
shall grant him immortality,
each and every passing year
no less than a poisoned spear.

If you are not human but sorcerer born, you should be able to use your power to influence the world to work for you. If you are a sorcerer born on the day the sun reigned longest, as Gemini gave way to Cancer, and the year the Fire Tiger ruled the Zodiac, you should be endowed with power as intense as fire and as eternal as the sun. Simply put, anyone in my place should have been able to use the gifts of both demonic and divine origins to manipulate other mortals the way I please.

Too bad, the system was flawed, thus, here I am, pouring my energies into a blog post instead of weather-witching or summoning supernatural entities. It is quite a shame that the world often runs out of my control, especially on important days.

When it is your birthday, sorcerer or not, you should experience one of the best days of your life. For instance, when the phone rings, you're not supposed to hear the voice of your ex-girlfriend on the other side of the line. She is not supposed to greet you a sour Happy Birthday soaked with sarcasm. She is not supposed to ask whether you still visit your high school. You know it, the one that really tormented you. She is not supposed to ask whether you still kept in touch with your friends, who happen to be people she lambasted even as she was talking to you. She is not supposed to ask whether you still kept in touch with other people who made your high school life an excursion to katagelophobia and back.

On what should be a good day, you're not supposed to receive a call from a bitch you barely remember as your ex. She should not ask about your yearbook. Most of all, she better not insult the yearbook staff, especially when you happen to be one of them, making you a convenient scapegoat for her.

What's her problem anyway? Most of the people I've been talking to gave positive feedback about the yearbook. Does she really expect that we would craft the dumb book just to suit her taste? It is kinda disappointing to find out that some people still don't mature intellectually. It kinda relieving, though, knowing that you have already ended your relationship with such people.

On a day of celebration, when you invite your guests, they should not be late. As a happy person, you are not supposed to pace restlessly, look at your watch, mutter, curse and pace once again. Furthermore, even if they were late, you would not expect them to be, say, more than an hour late. One of your guests is not supposed to drop off the face of the earth, making you worry and search anxiously for him.

When you watch a movie with your crush, you're not supposed to spill rootbeer on your carefully chosen white shirt. When the two of you play a network game, you're not supposed to be lame even though you're a newbie. When you recieve a gift, you are not supposed to lose it, especially not in front of the giver, more so when you have a crush on the giver.

When you're supposed to be having fun, things should not go wrong, especially for a sorcerer like you.

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