Saturday, February 24, 2007

Overthrow! Dark Revolt

Now my blind eye sees...
that sometimes...
the hand of Fate must be forced!

-Illidan, Demon Hunter
Warcraft 3, Frozen Throne Expansion Pack

Today has been a day of disappointment and shadowy realizations. One upon a time, a light shone through the dark sky; dawn has broken into my world and the sun appeared to give me warmth. I once dreamt of owning part of that warmth but the sun just smiled, nodded politely but stayed conveniently out of my reach. Since then, its influence on my life has waned as a shooting star and several other stars lighted my sky.

Today was the day I have come to realize what I should have known so long ago: the sun can never be mine. With the notion that I must learn to let go for real came the darkness I had once been acquainted with.

A female acquaintance of mine once said she liked me better when I was cheerful, instead of the dark brooding killer she had met years ago. Now, it seems I have been unwise to banish darkness completely out of my life. I have made the same mistake as the Protoss Conclave who, in their single-minded faith in Adun and the Khala, exiled the Dark Templars from their midst. Was it not with the combined light and dark forces that the Zerg Overmind was finally defeated?

I do recognize the irony, though; the sun that shone for so long on my life shall herald the darkness unto my world. Yet, more than ever, the darkness has revealed what would have otherwise remained unseen in the glare of light. The shadows of the dark night has shown me quagmires of false hopes, slippery slopes of optimism and sharp craggy outcrops of obsession. In searing heat and glaring sunlight, all I would have seen was a vast desert dotted by fleeting mirages of oases that were never there.

The sorcerer is almost awake; more than ever, the jester struggles to remain the warrior's master. The sun and the stars are giving way to a dark sky, as fleeting as they themselves are. The sky begins to turn as day and night chase each other about. I, for one, am praying that balance may finally be found.

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