Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The air was still, the air was cold.

It was as cold as the vast expanse of space
when mist had come and touched my face.
I awoke and sought who else was there.
I heard a whisper but I knew not where.

After going for quite some time without my regular meditation, I have become a wreck. Whereas before, I have control of my emotions, showing only that which I do not deem weak or incriminating, I have trespassed the boundaries I have set for myself and let slip quite an outburst. Whereas before I would think clearly even in face of numerous pressures, I now find myself cracking under mounting stress.

Would I that time slow down her pace that I may do what I will and what I must. However, time is a cruel entity; she speeds on, not caring who is being left behind. Thus, I have my hands full of work that finding 10 minutes for meditation now seems an impossible task.

However, I would be lying if I said I totally hate the condition I am currently in. There is one good reason that, for me, overshadows all the negative aspects of life: That I am quite sufficiently, if not more, distracted from things that I'd rather forget, yet haunt my mind. That said, I return once more to the fleeting colours of butterfly dreams, knowing that this too, shall come to pass.

All in good time.

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