Wednesday, January 19, 2005

From the depths of Judecca to the Primum Mobile

Though I do not share the same beliefs, I still think Dante Alighieri was a great writer. Though nowhere near accurate, one of his works, The Divine Comedy, had, in my humble opinion, successfully brought order to the disorder of myth. I cannot say that I want to be like him, although I do want to be a great writer, just not like him. For any poor soul who may have happened to find my blog by getting lost in the Dark Wood of Error, let me point you down a path which, depending on your philosophy, may get you on the right track or even more lost than before.

You may, if you find computer science alien, browse through the literary sections. After all, as the publication says, "We don't just write programs. We write."

Now, I you'll excuse me. I am suddenly siezed in a sugar-high vision of pink and blue. I am off to write.

Knowledge you hold will soon be past
because nothing does forever last
nor mean anything for more than a while,
from the depths of Judecca to the Primum Mobile.

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