Monday, January 24, 2005

Were there an open door, I'd have this world no more.

Once there was a blue
whom people barely knew
and they couldn't get the clue
that his socks are new.

There are times when people want to escape reality.

Some kill themselves, others just snap.
Some use needles, other just sniff.

Some dream on, creating their own private world while living the hell called life. This is what I did.

When Digimon: Digital Adventures was first aired here, I was immediately mesmerized by the idea that there might exist another world other than this one. Of course, there was Mars but it had too much carbon dioxide and it was uninhabitable anyway. Nonetheless, you know what I mean when I say "worlds".

If only there was another world, life would be pleasant. However, the Fates do not give a thought on who gets hurt and who gets all. Thus, we are stuck in this world. Many a young kid once dreamt of being special or having special attributes that set them apart from other "normal" kids. Some get disillusioned and progress to the stage of maturity, completely forgetting their childhood fantasies. Most pretend to progress.

If only this world were perfect, where everyone studies at his or her own pace, where people don't judge you by your outward looks or apparent attitude, where your friends really are more than just mere acquaintances, where pointless norms are not the norm, I would not want to leave. Unfortunately, it is not.

I want to leave.

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