Sunday, January 30, 2005

Alas, I be reduced once more to a giggling schoolgirl.

My seat is vibrating because I can't stop shaking. It's as though my muscles decided to twitch for no apparent reason everytime I think of a certain someone.

I must admit, it is still not much more than physical attraction. This person is one who has a mesmerizing smile. I notice when someone cracks a joke, this person looks at me as though to see whether I am laughing, offended or clueless. However, I also acknowledge the fact that I might be just getting my hopes up.

After all, this person might not be interested in a relationship with me. Besides, I still have the artifacts of a previous relationship in my system. I'd have to get closure before I venture out into the world of things as superficial as attraction or as deep as love and friendship.

I wanted to learn how to wink
seductively but I can't, I think.
Will I fail like I did once before,
Or will this bloom to something more?

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